A small step forward is a huge step

When Rashida Jardien entered the classroom of Lourier Primary School, something in the room changed. She brought a bright, encouraging, and warm energy into the room. She immediately found us, 4 Kaospilot students, in the room. We were visiting the primary school in Retreat, a township in Cape Town, for a day. She looked straight into my eyes and said “Hi”.

Wondering who she is, I smiled and said “Hi”, while we were shaking hands. “I am the principal of this school”, she said. “No wonder”, I thought. She was the kind of person who left a strong impression in a second, which you often see in authentic leaders.

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A shift in Delft

The people, who are in this room now, are not the ones who entered’,Janine said, as we started debriefing.

The people Janine was referring to is the group of Kaospilot students that are working with Janines project. The project is called SHIFT and it is a project that empowers youth and rural communities through transferring practical skills for social, environmental and economic wellbeing.

We set out to visit the project at the Masibambisane School in Delft – both to introduce ourselves to the kids, but also to get further insights in the project and the reality that these children and youths are living in.

When we got to Delft one of the first questions Janine asked us was: Are you ok?

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Back to Society

We had enjoyed the afternoon out of the city. A friend of ours well-known to Cape Town and its surroundings had taken us to what seemed to be a hidden mountain lake. To get there we drove on small roads in between the rocky, bare mountains and just when it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere and everything we parked the car and continued on our feet up a sandy path for a good half an hour.

The lake was magical! Placed on top of the mountain in complete silence its dark red coloured water downed our tired bodies.

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Network event #1

Network #1 is over. Around 150 people showed up at our humble office. Drinks were had, contact info was exchanged and a lot of conversation happened during the event. We took some pictures and talked to some of the people, who you can check out here.


What are you working with?

The project is called KHUSELA which means ’protect’ in Xhosa. The idea is to create early warning systems, which allow people to respond to the presence of a fire as soon as it starts within a shack or inside a township.

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Arriving to the Mother city

It was definitely worth waiting for 15 hours. After the 1st group of the organization landed in Cape Town International Airport, the Mother City welcomed us with summer sunshine and breeze. Our 1st day in Cape Town started fresh, light and with an exciting feeling.

Having a glimpse of different scenery on the bus from the airport, we arrived at a hostel on Kloof Street. After finding our comfort in the new city, we visited our home base, which will be used as our office for the next 3 months. Except for a 400m² empty space, roof top terrace and wifi access, there was nothing but possibility.

Our first task for the organization was to make the office functional. Having done 4 big parties and other similar assignments in the 1st year at Kaospilot, where we built and designed the space from scratch with limited budget and time, this given task was not surprising.

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