The Recap of the Kaospilot Outpost 2015 Launch Event

First meeting with the Capetonians!


On friday the 6th of March The Kaospilots officially marked their third arrival in Cape Town with a network and launch event at The Woodstock Exchange.


The event was a chance for partners, new and old friends of Kaospilot in Cape Town to come and meet the students of the Outpost 2015 in an informal setting to meet, greet and connect.


Loads  of business cards, handshakes and fun was shared during the evening that starred several interactive meeting tools. One such tool was a clay competition with the authentic name “A fistfull of clay”, the first price being consultancy hours from a Kaospilot. Another activity was the revival of the old childhood favorite; the “flip-flopper” conversational  paper folded quiz-tool.


The welcoming speech was held by the Danish principal Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius who spoke about the challenges of ambiguity, cultural differences and organisational development which the 48 students are embarking on for the coming 3 months in the Mother City. This years Outpost is the 18th in a row since the first outpost in 1996 to San Francisco and as always it stands on the shoulders of those which have been before it.


As the night progressed the playful vibe was amplified and some serious dance-moves were exercised and shared – it is guaranteed not the last time this exchange of interdisciplinary body-work between Kaospilot and Capetonians will happen!


Thanks for a great night, Sawabona and see you soon! We want to meet again so get in touch with us!

Video credit: Johan Eg Nørgaard

Kaospilot Outpost 2015 – Launch Event!

Dear Cape Townian,

You are formally invited to pump up the jams and bring your shiniest pair of sneaks to the slickest launch event of the year.

We are the Kaospilots and the new kids on the block!

KaosPilot-Outpost2015-FromFibretoFabric CC-BY-SA

This year marks the third Kaospilot visit to South Africa for our Outpost semester, where we partner up with local entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations and co-create projects with an impact that will make your CD skip – disregarding the raddest Anti-shock.

Be a part of the buzz and join the fun of our creative schoolyard at an event to rock the Mother City!

The beats for the event is brought to you by local musicians and DJ’s in ZA! The natural erosion of Table Mountain will seem to stop and the penguins of the south will flap in key to the insane rhythm-magicians of the night.

Bring out your inner kid, aim for the dancing hop-scotch and brace yourself for impact with a night of epic shenanigans!

Save the DATE: Friday, 6th of March.

TIME: DOORS OPEN 20.00! (Free entrance)


66 – 68 Albert Road,
Woodstock, 7925,
Cape Town

Facebook Event ∴ Kaospilot Outpost 2015 – Launch event ∴ Short Link

Looking forward to dancing with you! Share your best moves and experiences digitally through hashtag #kpcpt!


Feel free to print out the flyer as a PDF which you can download here and share it with other cool kids in the Mother City!

Spes Bona – Good Hope

It’s that time a year again.

The time where 48 Kaospilot students pack their bags, say goodbye to loved ones and prepare to journey to the promising land, the mother city, tavern of the seas… Cape Town.

A special time in a life of a Kaospilot – for many reasons.

Time to work with amazing projects, to deep dive into one’s own learning, to get to know one’s team on a new level… all of this being placed in a new context – one with a rich history, beautiful surroundings and interesting people.

This year marks the third Kaospilot visit to South Africa for the Outpost semester – but the first for the team in question, or rather two: Team 20 (Aarhus, Denmark) and Team 2 (Bern, Switzerland).

These teams will meet for the first time in sunny Cape Town, but we’re already now laying a good foundation for our future collaboration as a strong organisation – having awkward Skype sessions, sharing moments of laughter and working together on preparations.

This blog is one of them – here we will share our journey, learnings and thoughts throughout our stay, February 17 – June 8 in 2015.

The energy level is high, and so is the excitement!

Cape Town, we can’t wait to see you, taste you, smell you, feel you – fall in love with you.

And we hope you are ready for us.

See you soon,

Team 20 + Team 2

City of Colours

The Danish flag consists of two colours – red and white. Mix red with white and you get very close to the skin colour of the danish people when summer starts.

If you combine the colours of the South African flag, you are able to create all the colours and nuances the human being is capable of naming. Cape Town truly is a diverse and coloured city – but also a city of contradictions.

It is a city hosting the third biggest bike event in the world while on a daily basis only having one bike lane. 
The first capetonian I had a conversation with, told me that it is hard to make friends in Cape Town. The day after, this same capetonian asked me to join on a market trip.

Cape Town colours your mind in a way I have not experienced before. On a weekend stroll around with two friends, we once again noticed the tall walls and the fierce barbed wire, and we talked about why we thought the capetonians seemed so afraid. While walking and talking we passed the third unlocked bike, which really made us wonder. How come there is a need for electric fence and three locks to your front door is necessary, when a simple lock on your bike isn’t?

We looked at each other, and decided to figure out by simulating stealing the bike. It took a few seconds before a panicking guy jumped towards us to rescue his transportation, and then we asked him. He answered ”… well, no one steals bikes…”

We tried to puzzle together the fragments we had collected through our short time in Cape Town. Biking culture is a fairly new thing to south africans, – that must mean that it would melt together with the present culture, while locking up your doors was something we thought had roots to apartheid, and was still present due to old culture. So once again we found this beautiful city peculiar, but once again we turned out to be wrong.

No one steals bikes, because no one rides them, which means if you steal it, the person you possibly could sell it to, is likely to be the person you stole it from….

Locking up your doors and being afraid did not exist during apartheid. People became afraid, when they became free.

Dear Cape Town, dear South Africa – every day we realize how big a puzzle you are, and every day we realize, that all the impressions we get of you, is only a glimpse of your many colours.

The most memorable stranger of the day

Hope is a part of life. When we share our hope with others, we are sharing our personal perspective towards life and the world as we see it. The conversation about hope creates emotional connection between people and encourages them to reflect and see the future from different angles.

“Table of hope” is one of our theme projects that all the Kaospilot students in Cape Town are involved in. It is a project to create a Town Table, which serves as a monument of the collective dreams, and it becomes a physical meeting point for the community to talk, and share.

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Kaospilot Party #1 2014

On Friday evening we hosted our first party here in Cape Town. Where we come from, the Kaospilot parties are well known. We’re close to being a trademark for epic nights, you could say.

Friday night wasn’t a magical night because of us though. The two dancefloors at Woodstock Exchange were buzzing with laughter and dancemoves from all around the world. That night the crowd proudly took over the Superette and the beautiful outdoor area and made it their own. Many people told us, that they had never been at a party in this city, that was as mixed.

We want to say: Thank you Cape Town, for showing us your most beautiful side by coming together in celebration and end of with a quote from one of the bouncers:

‘This is the best function I have worked at the Woodstock Exchange. I wish people would continue the party until monday morning.’

  • Norman the Doorman

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A small step forward is a huge step

When Rashida Jardien entered the classroom of Lourier Primary School, something in the room changed. She brought a bright, encouraging, and warm energy into the room. She immediately found us, 4 Kaospilot students, in the room. We were visiting the primary school in Retreat, a township in Cape Town, for a day. She looked straight into my eyes and said “Hi”.

Wondering who she is, I smiled and said “Hi”, while we were shaking hands. “I am the principal of this school”, she said. “No wonder”, I thought. She was the kind of person who left a strong impression in a second, which you often see in authentic leaders.

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